Benefits of Interactive Electronic Whiteboards

Interactive electronic white boards in Canberra is basically a dry-erase whiteboard with liquid crystal display or LCD projector. It is normally mounted on platforms or walls for better viewing. It acts as a large computer screen using appropriate software so that your audience can see clearly even from far away. The projector displays the content so the instructor can elaborate on the lesson by simply touching the screen.

Interactive Whiteboards in Canberra

whiteboards wallmounted

Electronic whiteboards in Canberra enhances the learning process. This learning tool motivates students to participate actively in classroom discussions.  Electronic whiteboards are not your usual traditional lecture that some students may find boring. Interactive whiteboards in Hobart can help a seemingly uninterested pupil to take part in the learning process due to the clarity of instructions.

Recent research studies stated that the use of this modern whiteboard in many schools led to improved student attendance. At the same time, there was significant positive impact on education techniques and student productivity. It shows that information and communication technology are integrated seamlessly with traditional learning techniques.

Interactive whiteboards in Hobart blend digital content and multi-media presentations effectively. Learning with interactive boards includes several methodologies such as the following:

  • Manipulation of text, images and video clips.
  • Production of notes using digital ink system through the LCD screen.
  • Saving notes for review after lectures through emails or printing.
  • Reviewing websites together as a group.
  • Use of software without any computer connection.
  • Creation of digital exercises through images, multi-media and templates
  • Writing down notes over video clips.
  • Using presentation implements included in the whiteboard software as additional enhancement for educational materials.
  • Highlighting group presentations.


Benefits of Whiteboards in Hobart

Using whiteboards in Canberra has several benefits. The first is enhanced learning. A lot of students are considered auditory learners. Young people have the tendency to absorb information better and faster through verbal instructions. Interactive whiteboards help these students grasp information in various formats. Using whiteboard helps to increase retention of lessons and combination of information.

There is more participation from students when using whiteboards in Hobart. Notes, diagrams and pictures are saved in the desktop without any special device. These can be printed later on, so students are not required to take down notes, which in turn, does not disrupt the learning process. Using whiteboards can encourage students to join in discussions actively. This is what you can call a productive and focused collaboration between mentor and learners.

Incorporating an interactive whiteboard into the learning environment urges participants to work together in a common area. Use of whiteboards in Canberra enables everyone in the classroom to become part of the learning practice instead of becoming passive participants in the learning process. Whiteboards are also a great way for teachers to print their lectures during conferences of parents, teachers and students. The teacher can also integrate Power Point presentations as well as videos into the electronic whiteboard for a better educational experience.