Benefits of Using Electronic Whiteboards for Teaching Students

Think of a white board that not only used to to write on but also play videos, recall information, and display interactive presentations. That is what an electronic whiteboard can do, using a unique touch-sensitive whiteboard connected to a computer and projector so to receive commands and exhibit information. Information is shown onto the whiteboard, but there is actually nothing written on the board; it is processed on the computer.

Electronic whiteboards have been growing in popularity over the past years. These kind of whiteboards are now seen by schools as an effective teaching material which improve communication, learning, and collaboration. Here are some of the many benefits of electronic whiteboards in a classroom setting:   

Vista Electronic Standard format Whiteboard 4 Screen Colour ModelImproved Learning
There are some students who are auditory learners; they absorb information more effectively through the spoken word. However, there are also visual learners. Vista Electronic whiteboards offer people the chance to graps and process information in various formats. And this helps improve synthesis of information and also retention.

Increased Participation
Images from electronic whiteboards can be saved and then printed, in this way the students don’t have to take down notes during discussions. This allows the students to participate in class or in the collaborative session at a more engaged, focused level.

Enhanced Collaboration
When you integrate an electronic whiteboard into your learning environment, you'd be able to encourage students or participants to collaborate in one work area. This will make students be part of the process and not only be a mere receiver of the prepared information.

Preserved Data
The information which are in the electronic whiteboards are actually coming from an attached computer and is just projected onto the whiteboard. So this means that whatever information you enter or task you made on the electronic whiteboard will be saved directly to a hard drive and can be transferred on a portable storage. This will allow you to recall, retrieve, and reuse the information, parallel to the outcome of a brainstorming period, any time.

Include Visuals
With the electronic whiteboards, you can create a variety of visuals, upload videos from websites or from previously stored files. In addition, a whole presentation or lecture can be uploaded onto an electronic whiteboard. Also, you'd be able to display and control complex graphics and images. All of these features can create a presentation which is more engaged and keep the attention of the audience and also increase their retention.

Create Technological Interaction
Particularly for learners, another benefit of electronic whiteboards is that they offer a chance for students or participants to extensively interact with technology, therefore intertwining technology with education. Using an electronic whiteboard will be a good way to introduce electronic devices and various software to students.