Choosing Between Different Whiteboard Materials

Are you aware that there are different kinds of whiteboards in Canberra? Consumer preferences generally depend on two primary factors. One is your purpose in using the whiteboard. The other is the frequency of use. Corporate trainers will certainly need a high-quality board compared to ordinary school teachers. whiteboards in Canberra

Popular Materials for Whiteboards in Canberra

The whiteboard material determines its market price. The top three materials are melamine (synthetic polymer), porcelain and glass. Find out your budget for this product prior to making a purchase. Are you looking for a customized design or the standard cabinet structure? Frames can be made of special wood or aluminum with marker tray. It can also be a combination of bulletin and planning board complete with calendar, grids and planners.

Many whiteboards in Hobart have melamine surface. This type of whiteboard is more affordable because of the cheap laminate coat. However, it deteriorates faster than porcelain and glass. Wear and tear produces “ghosting” of markers. This refers to marks left behind after you erase what has been written on the board. It calls for regular cleaning that reduces the board’s life span. You can find melamine boards in local retail outlets at affordable prices.

Porcelain Whiteboards in Hobart

The porcelain whiteboard is fabricated from white earthenware or ceramic mixed with steel or aluminum. Boards are usually magnetic with solid steel support. Ceramic is tougher and unaffected by discoloration, dents and abrasions. One feature that sets porcelain materials apart are the multi-layers that last longer.

Porcelain whiteboards in Canberra are perfect for frequent use. These markers need less cleaning and ghosting of markers will be nominal. This type of whiteboard is a favorite of companies and university lecturers. The only disadvantage is the cost of the board, which is usually expensive, but you can use it for a long time.

Glass Whiteboards in Canberra

Glass markers are highly resilient. The board is made of toughened glass which is treated with chemicals to increase durability compared to the standard glass material. It is guaranteed safe for users. In case the glass breaks, it will crumble to grainy large pieces instead of sharp edges. Glass whiteboards in Canberra are definitely more expensive than the other two materials but do not produce any streaks.

Glass models can be transparent or come in multiple colors. You can install a colored backdrop behind the board as an accent. Some of these boards also have magnetic surfaces so you can hang documents and small notes. The corners are smoothed for safety reasons. It is possible to use wet or dry erasers and liquid chalk. Glass whiteboards will look good in modern offices and university lecture rooms.

A vital thing to consider before buying whiteboards made of any material is the cleaning process. Frequent cleaning means that you also have to buy supplies more often. These products can be costly so this adds to your monthly maintenance budget. Cleaning is also time-consuming. The bottom line is to choose whiteboards in Hobart that entail very minimal upkeep to save time and money.