Electronic Whiteboards


Electronic Smartboard | Increase the Productivity of Your Learning Space

Keep your audience engaged with an electronic smartboard. Vista supplies a range of user-friendly digital whiteboards for education, government and workplace training facilities.

Our whiteboards offer all the benefits of a traditional whiteboard – but with advanced features including USB connectivity, energy-saving functionality and in-built printing, scanning and copying.

With a sleek low-profile body, the metallic design offers a professional and modern look for any learning environment.

  • Communicate with your audience more effectively

  • Easy to set-up and use straight away

  • Print, scan and copy to distribute multiple copies among your audience

  • Download files to share notes online with other people

  • Available in black & white or full-colour models

  • Printer film replacement available for purchase online

Increase Productivity

Save time on dictating notes or relying on blurry photos to capture your whiteboard notes. Use the in-built printer, scanner or copier to distribute hard copies among your audience.

Want to share your files online? Save all your whiteboard notes onto a USB stick, PC or laptop and share with everyone via email, an online learning platform or social media.

Our whiteboards are compatible for viewing on various file formats including Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

All saved files can be viewing by anyone with the appropriate software.

Easy to Use

Our products function just like a traditional whiteboard – except they’re smarter.

Want to avoid the hassle of manually rotating the board? With the touch of a button, you can switch between screens and continue presenting at your own pace.

We supply a range of black & white and full-colour models. Write or draw using your favourite markers and wipe away using an eraser – just like a standard whiteboard.

Flexible Installation

Each whiteboard comes with a mobile stand and wall mounting bracket.

Do you need a flexible whiteboard solution for different classroom arrangements? Transport the whiteboard to your desired location using the stand + wheels combination.

Are you looking for a permanent classroom fixture? Use the wall mounting bracket to affix your whiteboard onto the wall.

You have the freedom to setup your whiteboard to meet your specific needs.


Many of our whiteboards are designed to save on your energy usage.

After you’ve finished using your whiteboard, the device will automatically switch-off by itself. No need to worry about turning off the device yourself – the intelligent whiteboard does it for you.

Professional Support

Do you need help with choosing an electronic whiteboard that’s right for you?

The Vista customer support team are ready to assist with your purchase. With over a decade of experience helping the education sector improve the efficiency of the classroom – we guarantee to provide a solution that satisfies your needs.

Electronic Whiteboards

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