Equil Smartmarker

The Equil Smartmarker - Now Every Surface Can Be Smart

Technology just keeps getting better with this “one of a kind, first of its kind” smartmarker.
This amazing tool, will make every whiteboard surface smart, so there is no need to change your whiteboard over to a new one! Keep your markers and keep your whiteboard too.

All you need to do is slip an everyday marker into the Equil Smartmarker and you can instantly stream the information across the world, by capturing everything you write. The information can even be edited and shared later using Equil note.

In summary:

  • The equal smart marker is a simple way to make any whiteboard surface smart
  • With built in memory, it is a marker that never forgets
  • Save, edit, share and stream
  • Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, in real time
  • Capture 16ft. (over 5 meters) of content
  • Go mobile with your ideas
  • No new whiteboards, no new markers
  • Now every surface can be smart