How to Remove Old Marks and Stains off a Whiteboard Using Home Remedies

Leaving a writing or drawing on a whiteboard for a long period of time will leave a mark or stain. As you erase the writings, they barely get off the electronic whiteboard. Here are some tips on how to get off those marks and stains using solutions that you can easily find at your home.

Hand Sanitizer: With the use of a paper towel or clean white cloth, squirt about 5ml or a teaspoon of hand sanitizer on it and then wipe on the surface of the whiteboard until you cover the whole area. Then use another paper towel or cloth and wet it. Clean off the hand sanitizer thoroughly with the dampened wipe. Lastly, air dry the whiteboard Adelaide or use a clean, dry cloth.

Deodorant or Perfume: You will need a clean white cloth for wiping. Apply an ample amount of spray deodorant or perfume onto clean white cloth. Wipe the white board, covering the entire surface. And then, just wait until the spray evaporates.

Aftershave: With a clean white cloth, spray and wet it with a little aftershave. Then, wipe it on the whiteboard and wait until it dries.

Toothpaste: Make a mixture of a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of toothpaste. With a clean white cloth, wet it with the solution. Then, wipe the whiteboard and cover the full surface. Then allow the board dry for a few minutes.


Other helpful tips:
•    To remove wrtitings from a permanent marker, simply cover them entirely with a dry-erase marker ink. Then wipe the area of the interactive white board with a clean, dry cloth.
•    You can also make use of hand and face wipe. Grab some wipes and wipe the whiteboard. This will remove the marker, even if it has been there for several years. Allow it to soak for one minute and then wipe it down with cloth.
•    For marks that have been on the whiteboard for more than 24 hours, you simply have to rub harder.
•    You can use any type of liquid that has denatured alcohol for cleaning a whiteboard Adelaide.
•    Use a little water to clean off any excess hand sanitizer.
•    Fill a spray bottle with water half way and add some dish soap. You might need to adjust the amounts of water and soap, depending on the size of your spray bottle. Shake well and then spray some of the mixture onto the whiteboard, until the ink on ink is completely gone. Leave it for one minute and then wipe it down with a damp cloth, and then a dry cloth.


•    Use toothpaste sparingly because it is an abrasive material that may leave small scratches on a whiteboard Darwin.
•    Be extra careful when using spray cans.
•    Do not use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol because it coats the whiteboard with residue.