Usefulness and Affordability of a Whiteboard in the Classroom

When it comes to interactive engagement, nothing can beat a classroom whiteboard. Here are some reasons why a whiteboard sydney is a great teaching tool:

  • You can use it to capture the attention of every child and to actively engage them in every lesson.
  • By using a whiteboard, you will be able to know who among your students are grasping the lesson and who aren’t.
  • Your students will love a lesson that uses whiteboard as a teaching tool simply because it is fun. And, any mistake made could be brushed away easily.
  • By using a whiteboard, you will be able to save paper and you can significantly reduce the file of work that you take home for grading.
  • Electronic Whiteboards can be used in small directed group, full group instruction, and to learning centers.
  • When technology failed to fulfill its function, a whiteboard will always be available when you need it most.
  • There will be no advance preparation needed. Simply come in with the whiteboard and a maker, and then let the learning begin.


When sometimes you feel worried about losing the art of teaching in using an interactive whiteboard or you might think that using a full set of whiteboard for teaching is something you cannot afford, eliminate that notion right away because using whiteboards are simply affordable, you can either make your own or purchase it with warranty.

Yes, you can make your own whiteboard melbourne. Just visit home improvement stores and purchase large sheets of white shower board. You can ask for assistance to cut your white shower board according to your desired measures but do not be surprised if they quote a service charge. Test the board surface before you buy it because some boards work better than others. After the white shower board is cut, you can either use sand paper to smooth the edges or tape the edges to avoid unexpected injuries. But if this is too complicated for you to do, purchase a full set whiteboard brisbane.

Whiteboards can be purchased online. A full set classroom whiteboard could be pricey but you can obtain funds from school business partners or organisations. Some of the advantages in purchasing whiteboard online are: you can compare prices and the services they offer; you can secure warranty; and you can be sure of not only the quality but also durability. Also, whiteboards purchased online are either ready to install or you can get a free installation. You can even request for especial concepts to customise your whiteboards, like handwriting lines or music lines.